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Brembo 19RCS Adjustable Radial Front Brake Master Cylinder RCS 19 Lever + Tygon

Brembo 19RCS Adjustable Radial Front Brake Master Cylinder RCS 19 Lever + Tygon

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100% GENUINE ~ 19RCS

Brembo master cylinders improve response & control
in all conditions.  They offer an outstanding linearity
between force applied to the lever & braking response,
which translates to a unique, unrivalled feel.

The 19RCS allow the rider to choose between power or
precision in relation to road conditions, weather, personal
preference for feel and familiarity with the motorcycle.
This patented design (derived directly from the unit used
in MotoGP), features an innovative adjustment system that
allows the same unit to cater to different requirements.

The unique design of the RCS system offers the flexibility
to change the brake lever ratio at the turn of a screw.
The 20mm setting provides a more reactive braking
response and 18mm allows for better feel and modulation.
In the event of a crash, the lever folds up to avoid damage.

The cylinder body is CNC milled from aluminium alloy.
A hard oxide coating is used for the surface finish.

The internals are exactly the same components as those
in the units used by nearly all MotoGP and SBK riders



Forged alloy body
Large 19mm piston
Hard anodised finish
Span adjustment screw
Folding adjustable lever
Lever ratio of 18mm and 20mm
Includes universal brake light switch
Compatible with most ABS systems
Fits 22mm (⅞”) handlebars
Brake fluid: DOT 4
Weight: 350gm



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