RatedR was established in 2005, the result of my own addiction
to online shopping during the build of my TL1000R. That's also
where my business name originated from, as the rego is RATED R.

As for me, I have worked as both a motorcycle and car mechanic
(during which time I had the chance to crew on a drag car). I was
also involved with a championship winning Superbike team here
in Western Australia.

I've been running an eBay store for almost 20 years and now
FINALLY have a stand alone website up and running.
I endeavour to add new products as often as possible, and only sell
things I have knowledge of and/or experience with; hence why I
generally don't sell anything Harley or dirtbike related.

If you have a technical question, problem, query or product request,
please feel free to contact me.