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2013 + Daytona 675 675R GB Racing Engine Cover Sliders Street Triple 765 660

2013 + Daytona 675 675R GB Racing Engine Cover Sliders Street Triple 765 660

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GBRacing engine covers are made from High Impact
Injection Moulded Glass fibre impregnated Nylon.
This material offers greater design flexibility, as well as
superior impact strength & appearance when compared
to similar carbon fibre, Kevlar & billet aluminium covers.

All GB covers bolt directly over stock engine cases,
simplifying assembly & negating the need for adhesives.

Fitting is easy: you simply remove & replace
each engine case's bolts with those supplied.




= $$$ SAVED

Mounting hardware & instructions supplied.

Material Info:

High impact LONG GLASS fibre Nylon 6.6 material

Greater than 100% improved impact resistance at any temperature,
plus high stiffness, outstanding fatigue performance,
low warpage and good dimensional stability.

The long fibres absorb more energy before and after fracture initiates.
Fracture crack lines are forced around the fibre ends, resulting in a limited
fracture area. Injection moulded products offer additional built in strength
and flexibility compared to conventional machined plastics.

You will receive a 3 piece set:

Alternator/Stator Cover
Clutch/Gearbox Cover
Pulse/Timing Cover


Fits the following models:

2013+ Daytona 675 / R

2017+ Street Triple 765 / R / S

2017+ Street Triple 765 RS

2017+ Street Triple S 660 LAMS 

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