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O2 Sensor Eliminator - 2016 - 2020 SWM 440 ALL MODELS Fuel Dongle

O2 Sensor Eliminator - 2016 - 2020 SWM 440 ALL MODELS Fuel Dongle

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An O2 sensor is an electronic device located in
your exhaust system & is there to determine if
the air/fuel ratio of your engine is rich or lean.

The O2 sensors in motorcycles are designed to
keep things within emission 
standards & in certain
throttle positions will lean or enrich the mixture to

alter the air/fuel ratio. This is good for emissions but
not for maximum performance & smooth running.

Disabling the O2 sensor/s will vastly
improve throttle response & power delivery.

An oxygen sensor eliminator is also needed
to support FI mods like Power Commanders
and is compatible with all types of FI units.

You can also fit them to bypass faulty sensors or with an
aftermarket exhaust that doesn't have an O2 sensor fitting,
as this is the only way to bypass it without FI problems.

Installation is easy, no cutting
or splicing wires is required:

Locate the Oxygen sensor in your exhaust,
follow the wires back to the connector,
disconnect & plug in the eliminator.



2016-20 RS 125 R
2016-20 SM 125 R
2016-20 Sixdays 440
2016-20 Great Kite 440
2016-20 Silver Vase 440
2016-20 Gran Milano 440
2016-20 Gran Turismo 440
2016-19 RS 500 R
2016-20 SM 500 R
2016-18 RS 650 R
2017-20 Superdual X/T 650 R

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